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November 20th, 2011, 1:40 pm

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Loverofpiggies, November 19th, 2011, 5:02 pm     Reply

This page took forever!


Advertisement, September 15th, 2019, 10:04 am     Reply

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SushiGummy, November 20th, 2011, 1:54 pm     Reply

Male emo kid with a red X on his head?

Or am I just a crazy person?

Inxerene, November 20th, 2011, 2:01 pm     Reply

Yay shopping! Now you can go buy a new house box, Harold!

LOLA*** (Guest), November 20th, 2011, 2:23 pm     Reply that...

is that male assistant with a band-aid-cross thing on his head when harold looks at the pictures? The one next to Seaweed? If it is, yay, cameo appearance! If not, yay, that guy looks that looks like male assistant is awesome!

Complete Stranger, November 20th, 2011, 3:04 pm     Reply

Guy with the black hair in panel 7: was he the dude in one of your recent deviations playing the guitar?

Rare (Guest), November 20th, 2011, 3:26 pm     Reply

Gloom, U JELLY?

Manga-Ka, November 20th, 2011, 3:34 pm     Reply

it's funny to see you use your own pictures to the ones on his wall x'D

ToxicBreeze, November 20th, 2011, 3:37 pm     Reply

Harold deserves some fun too

BattleStarX, November 20th, 2011, 4:19 pm     Reply

I wonder how much cash Wallis keeps in his wallet.

And really? Stealing will please your Dark Lord? Such a petty thing like that? Pfft... I don't want your Dark Lord, Lemonhead, he sounds like a wuss.

Midnight_Luna, November 20th, 2011, 5:46 pm     Reply


Watermage, November 20th, 2011, 6:25 pm     Reply

@Rare: He ain't even jelly~

I would like to meet his lord though :D

LuckMouse, November 20th, 2011, 8:35 pm     Reply

HAhaha OMG I love him *_* Stealing his fancy wallet and money! Who is this Dark Lord? Do we get to meet him? xD

Loverofpiggies, November 20th, 2011, 10:51 pm     Reply

Seems a lot of people want to meet the Dark Overlord! haha well, unfortunately there's nothing more I can say at this time about that.

Take from this what you will. :>

neko104, November 22nd, 2011, 9:46 am     Reply

@hailee them lemons are friggin' adorable girl, idk why you'd think they're creepy

Inxerene, November 23rd, 2011, 8:36 am     Reply

The lemonheads worship a Warhead candy lord for HE IS THE TRUEST SOUR.

krnyong39, November 23rd, 2011, 7:46 pm     Reply

hmmm... is the dark-haired guy in the picture Gloom?

Whitemag (Guest), March 10th, 2017, 5:54 am     Reply
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I don't get it! Everything is all cutesy and colourful... yet I can't stop reading!!

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